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Club Hotel Eilat

Club Hotel Eilat’s design was inspired by ships and the sea, and it is the largest suite hotel in the Middle East. The hotel is located in the heart of Eilat’s action, adjacent to the tourist centers, entertainment venues, boardwalk and Mul HaYam Mall. Club Hotel sprawls over 40 dunams that feature a tropical garden, […]

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Herod’s Forum Hotel Eilat

Herod’s Hotel and Convention Center in Eilat is located adjacent to Herod’s Palace, and a bridge links the two. Herod’s Forum has seven convention halls that may be used to host any number of guests – from intimate affairs to large events. The largest hall in Herod’s Forum can host up to 1,200 individuals. All […]

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Isrotel Royal Beach Hotel Eilat

Isrotel Royal Beach Hotel is the most lavish and luxurious hotel in Eilat. The hotel is elegantly designed, is adorned with art and exudes a relaxing, sophisticated vibe for the perfect Eilat vacation. The Royal Beach Hotel opened in 1994 and has since maintained its very high standards, providing the ultimate hospitality. Royal Beach Hotel […]

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Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba Hotel

Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba Hotel invites you to enjoy an exclusive, relaxing vacation. The beautiful hotel’s design was inspired by the Queen of Sheba’s Biblical palace, and offers its guests a unique experience with all possible indulgences and conveniences. The hotel offers its guests exquisite rooms, rooms for romantic getaways and honeymoons, and spacious […]

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Dan Hotel Eilat

Offering a range of water sport activities and in the heart of the city’s entertainment and shopping district, Dan Hotel invites you to partake in a luxurious and particularly enjoyable vacation on Eilat’s northern shore. Dan Hotel has two large, beautiful swimming pools, as well as a pool with a water slide. The beach adjacent […]

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Astral Seaside Hotel Eilat

The renovated Astral Seaside hotel is located in the best spot on Eilat’s northern shore, right next to the boardwalk and beach. The hotel has 96 rooms and three luxury suites that overlook the sea. The hotel restaurant is spacious and well designed, serving breakfast and dinner. Astral Seaside Hotel has a large, new, beautiful […]

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Herod’s Vitalis Hotel Eilat

Herod’s Vitalis, a luxurious boutique hotel in Eilat, is part of the Luxury Collection. Herod’s Vitalis offers a unique vacation experience at the highest standards – like you’ve never seen before! Herod’s Vitalis offers an exclusive vacation filled with health, lifestyle and pleasure. Offering the highest level of hospitality and personal service, this boutique luxury […]

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Isrotel Princess Eilat Hotel

Opposite a stunningly beautiful coral reef reserve, between the sea and the desert, lies the Princess Hotel. This upscale, beautifully designed hotel promises its guests an Eilat vacation that combines a magical atmosphere, serenity and a great deal of activity. The hotel has 419 pampering rooms and suites, with gorgeous views of the sea, mountains […]


Prima Music Hotel Eilat

Looking for a a calm, relaxing vacation in Eilat in a unique atmosphere? Prima Music Hotel invites you to relax. Far from the city crowds, in the Edom Mountains and overlooking the Red Sea is Prima Music Hotel, offering a different type of hospitality, pampering you in a musical atmosphere. Each of the hotel’s rooms […]

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Herod’s Palace Hotel Eilat

Herod’s Palace in Eilat invites you for a legendary vacation. Herod’s Palace provides supreme hospitality that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience. The palace’s 300 rooms are elegant and boast views of the Gulf of Eilat or the palace’s pools. Their design was inspired by historical periods. Herod’s Palace is on Eilat’s northern shore, […]

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Reef Hotel Eilat

Reef Hotel is located along Eilat’s Almog Beach, one of the city’s most beautiful beaches, adjacent to the nature reserve, the coral reef and the city’s stunningly beautiful diving spots. Reef Hotel offers a calm, peaceful vacation on the beach, in a relaxed, nostalgic atmosphere just a few steps away from the water. Hotel guests […]

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Leonardo Plaza Hotel Eilat

The renovated Leonardo Plaza hotel (former Sheraton Moriah), from the Fattal chain, invites you for a lavish vacation in Eilat. The new hotel offers a stunning view of the Red Sea. The hotel is located adjacent to a private beach with beach chairs, just a three minute walk from the Mul HaYam Mall, boardwalk, entertainment […]

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Club Med – Coral Beach Eilat

The Fattal Chain’s Club Med Coral Beach in Eilat offers a particularly enjoyable vacation. The hotel operates in accordance with international Club Med standards and provides a unique experience, with full board. There are 50 European members of staff (GO) that entertain guests with a range of activities and amazing meals. The hotel lobby is […]

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Orchid Hotel Eilat

On the Almog Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Red Sea Gulf, between the sea and the stunning view of the desert mountains, is the Orchid Hotel. The Orchid Hotel is a magical, exotic holiday village that offers an unforgettable experience in Eilat! The hotel has a range of rooms and villas; […]


U Suites Eilat

U Suites Eilat, a boutique hotel from the Fattal chain, offers an Eilat vacation in a magical atmosphere, opposite the stunning views of the Red Sea and Edom Mountains. U Suites Eilat is located adjacent to the boardwalk and a short walk from the Mul HaYam Mall. The hotel has a private pier and offers […]

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Isrotel Yam Suf Eilat

Isrotel Yam Suf (formerly The Ambassador) invites you to Eilat. Whether you’re interested in a romantic vacation for two or a family vacation, Isrotel Yam Suf is the place for you! The hotel is located on Eilat’s southern coast, a quiet, peaceful location offering a range of sports and adventure activities for all ages and […]

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